Spreading the importance of the project and its ideas in Serbia

Professional associate of the SDCS, Aleksandar Ivanovski, held a workshop in Valjevo on the topic “Use of modern technologies in physical education”. Through the lecture on this topic, he highlighted the potential and ideas of the Erasmus+ HopaSuS project. The project’s methods go in the direction of improving children’s physical education, starting from the earliest ages when their interest in technology, and above all in modern mobile phones, begins. As part of the seminar, Aleksandar mentioned the video games that the project proposes in order to encourage physical activity in children. Those video games are: FIE Swordplay, I’m Ping Pong King, Tennis World Open 2022, Grand Mountain Adventure and Biathlon Mania, and you can find more examples of such games in the projects Guide. In addition, he showed the participants the results of the research conducted within the project, the results of which were positive. Two days later, on Saturday, December 2, a similar lecture was held as part of the 37th traditional fair “Expo-Zim 2023” in Belgrade.

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