Walk Together – Training Event in Bulgaria

On the 7th of March 2024, an engaging multiplier event took place in Sevlievo, Bulgaria at the Professional Mechanoelectrical High School “Gen. Ivan Bachvarov”. The event, organized by WalkTogether, aimed to introduce and train participants on the project “Hopasus” while also incorporating an element of physical activity and sportsmanship. Approximately 60 participants, including educators, students, and community members, attended the event.

Presentation of Hopasus:
The primary focus of the event was to introduce and discuss the Hopasus project. During the session, attendees were presented with the guide developed as part of the project. The guide outlined strategies for integrating video games into educational settings, emphasizing the benefits of using sport video games to promote active movement and engagement among students. The discussion also focused on the sport challenges, which are a part of the project and the various events we have done throughout the project’s duration.

Promotion of Active Movement:
Following the presentation, we had a discussion with the participants regarding the importance of incorporating physical activity into daily routines, particularly within the educational context. We focused on the potential of utilizing sports video games as a means to encourage students to adopt healthier lifestyles while simultaneously enhancing their academic experience.To finish this part of the event all the participants saw our website and completed the survey for the project.

Interactive Dance Session:
One of the highlights of the event was an interactive training session inspired by the popular game “Dance Dance Revolution.” Participants were invited to partake in a dance session in which they followed the dance movements of a random leader for each song. The activity aimed to promote teamwork, coordination, and physical fitness among attendees while also fostering a sense of enjoyment.

Interactive Darts Session:
The event concluded with a sports half-day, organized by the hosting school. During it participants (students and teachers in this case) had the opportunity to engage in a friendly dart competition. The inclusion of this sports activity provided a fun interaction and reinforced the importance of physical activity as an integral component of overall well-being.

The multiplier event in Sevlievo, Bulgaria was a positive experience for all participants. Through informative, interactive training sessions, and engaging sports activities, attendees gained valuable insights into the integration of video games in education and the promotion of active movement. The event exemplified the collaborative efforts of WalkTogether and the hosting school in fostering innovation and wellness within the educational community.


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