Walk Together Multiplier Event: HopaSus Training and Sports Day

Event Overview:

On the 31st of March 2024, a vibrant multiplier event unfolded in Bansko, Bulgaria, focused on the dissemination of the Hopasus project. Hosted at a local community center, the event gathered educators, students, and community members, totaling approximately 80 participants. The event was designed to showcase the Hopasus project’s objectives, tools, and interactive elements, fostering engagement and learning among attendees.

Presentation of Hopasus:

The cornerstone of the event was the presentation of the Hopasus project, wherein participants were introduced to the project’s guide and website. The guide provided insights into incorporating video games, particularly sport-oriented ones, into educational environments. Attendees learned about the benefits of utilizing gaming technology to promote active learning and engagement among students. Additionally, various project events, including sport challenges, were highlighted to demonstrate the project’s breadth and impact.

Promotion of Active Movement:

A crucial aspect of the event was the emphasis on promoting physical activity within educational settings. Participants engaged in discussions on the importance of integrating movement into daily routines, with a specific focus on leveraging sports video games to encourage healthier lifestyles among students. Attendees were encouraged to explore the Hopasus website and complete project surveys to further support research and development efforts.

Interactive Physical Activities:

To illustrate the interactive dimension of the Hopasus project, participants immersed themselves in various physical activities. A highlight of the event was a dynamic dance session inspired by popular video game franchises like “Dance Dance Revolution.” Attendees enthusiastically followed the lead of instructors, fostering teamwork, coordination, and physical fitness in a lively atmosphere. Additionally, a fun-filled dart competition provided participants with an opportunity for friendly competition, further emphasizing the enjoyment and social benefits of physical activity.


The multiplier event in Bansko, Bulgaria served as a testament to the Hopasus project’s innovative approach to education and wellness promotion. Through informative presentations, interactive discussions, and engaging physical activities, attendees gained valuable insights into the project’s objectives and methodologies. The event underscored the collaborative efforts of project stakeholders in advancing educational practices and fostering healthier, more active communities. Moving forward, the momentum generated by the event is poised to drive continued innovation and impact within educational settings and beyond.


Multiplier event
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