Match making event in Lithuania

On April 18, 2024, an online match making event organized by Tavo Europa took place, in which 30 Lithuanian teachers and youth workers from various cities and institutions participated. This event is the final highlight of the Hopasus project.

During the event, the goals of the Hopasus project, the consortium of partners and the main results achieved were presented: a study of the impact of video games on children’s physical activity, emphasizing the Lithuanian situation and assessment in an international context, the Hopasus guide for parents, teachers and sports coaches, as well as the events held in Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Serbia, mainly sports activities for children. The participants of the event also learned about the Hopasus website and e-community platform, which they were invited to join. It was emphasized that all created materials are also available in Lithuanian, which proved to be very relevant and valuable for the community of teachers.

After the presentation, the participants were actively interested in the educational material and its availability for working with young people. After the event, certificates were awarded to the participants.

Interest in this project shows its relevance and importance. During the entire project, more than 4,000 interested persons in Lithuania learned about the goals and results of the project.

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