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Empowering students through sport: HopaSus in action

In the vibrant city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a pioneering approach to physical education took root, ushering in a new era of engagement and innovation, all thanks to the HopaSus project.

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HopaSus - An Overview

In the ever-evolving realm of physical education, the integration of digital technology has become a pivotal strategy for enhancing both engagement and effectiveness. Discover the HopaSus project: a groundbreaking initiative led by the National University of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest.


Active Video Games in the Special Olympics USA Games: a tool to promote inclusion

In the realm of sports, the Special Olympics has long been a shining light, championing inclusivity and celebrating the abilities of athletes of all backgrounds. 


How to integrate sports video games in physical education classes?

The exponential growth in popularity of exergaming in physical education creates a new path for exploring how active video games may be integrated into school systems.


Dance Dance Revolution, Classroom Edition

Even though it may sound atypical, sports video games have been already integrated into school systems in several countries in the world. The United States, Finland, Canada, Singapore, Japan, the UK, and the Netherlands have been implementing AVGs in Physical Education in schools


Physical Activity among European Youth: a concerning decline

Physical activity is fundamental to the holistic development of young people. From infancy to adolescence, engaging in various forms of physical activity not only fosters physical health but also nurtures social integration.


Exergames: an innovative practice to stimulate physical activity among young people.

Physical inactivity among young people has emerged as a significant concern in public health, with the World Health Organization identifying it as the fourth major risk factor for mortality.


Exergames: interactive video games for physical activity and rehabilitation

According to the major global organizations that deal with well-being, today a real threat to people’s health is represented by a sedentary lifestyle, at work and during free time. An imbalance between energy expended and energy introduced through nutrition .


Esports in educational settings

The rise of interest in Esports combined with the interest of spectating other people playing games has increased immensely over the last years which has attracted the attention of scientists as well. An article of Austrian scientists was published in March 2021.


How virtual reality can solve real world problems?

It should not be assumed that virtual reality technologies are used only for games or other entertainment. Their application possibilities are much wider. Lithuanian scientists are ready to offer virtual and augmented reality solutions that help in rehabilitation, encourage people’s physical activity.


Exergaming as introduction to increased physical activity

Working out doesn’t sound fun for everyone. But new active video and virtual reality games may help change that. Lately, a new term is being used – exergaming, or active video gaming. 


Hopasus: video games & sports

Most of the children play video games on their phones or tablets during the breaks at school. Is it really such a bad thing? Anything can be used for the good and for the bad purposes, that can also be applied to the use of the technologies.