HopaSus FOR SporT Workshop

On the period of 15-18 June 2022 during the International Congress of Education, Health and Human Movement (ICEHHM), held at NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS FROM BUCHAREST ROMANIA (https://infocongress.unefs.ro/), we had our first dissemination of the project theme in an WORKSHOP by the name: HOPASUS FOR SporT, in a hybrid form, in presence and also online on google meet. With a total participation of 27 members, the workshop opened the road for the future project that started on 1 of June 2022, with a 2-year period of developing its guides and strategies. Funded 120 000 euros, this project has challenges such as: • to build a bridge of knowledge between the needs of the student behind the screen and the teacher of physical education and sports • to discover and adapt games suitable for movement education • to find opportunities within online games for access to movement education, thus turning vulnerability into opportunity • to develop a strategy for the future in the terms of digitalization also in the physical education and sport education system.   PhD Univ. Lecturer Adina Geambașu the project coordinator from UNEFS BUCHAREST ROMANIA had helded the workshop and the partners from other 3 countries participated online (Serbia, Bulgaria and Lithuania). Please find below attached the PPT of the workshop.

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