HopaSus news – recommendations for all the users and stickers for social networks

With the end of the year, we tried to bring to an end the planned actions in our project, which includes making recommendations in the form of an infographic presentation of several tips for parents, teachers, trainers and youth workers participating in the research process of the project, which is the basis for further progress. They have been done in all native languages of the countries of the partner organizations, and as well in English. In addition, we managed to further refine the project with the creation of stickers for their use on social platforms such as Viber and WhatsApp. As you can see them on the picture, there are ten of them, and they are very diverse and colorful! The mascot of the project, which was used a couple of times, is the one that is the main protagonist of each sticker! To download them from the Viber, you can use the following LINK. As for the WhatsApp, in order to use them, it is necessary to have one of the Google play applications – like “Sticker maker”, or you can download the stickers directly after one of the teachers, trainers or team members forwards them to you!

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