HopaSus project team: Adina

We are delighted to present an enlightening explanation by Adina, representing UNEFS (National University of Physical Education and Sports) in Romania. In her insightful discourse, Adina addresses the pressing need for a unique project that aims to introduce children to sports more effectively. Particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic, where extended periods of isolation have become commonplace, it has become imperative to engage children in physical activities and promote their well-being. The HopaSus Erasmus Sport Plus project was conceived as a direct response to the challenges faced by teachers and youth workers across four European countries. Recognizing the importance of developing digital skills and fostering resilience in the face of future pandemics, the project seeks to leverage the power of sport video games in both virtual and face-to-face classrooms. The primary objective of this project is to empower sport teachers to harness the potential of video games and sport applications. By exploring innovative strategies for integrating these technologies into gyms and classrooms, the project aims to enhance the learning experience and promote active participation among students. It also strives to challenge the prevailing stereotype of video games as mindless and violent forms of entertainment, aiming to transform them into valuable instructional tools that can take children beyond their desk chairs and into the sports field. One crucial aspect of the project is to promote the inclusion of “video game addicted youth” by reevaluating their potential in a more holistic manner. By challenging persistent stereotypes, the project aims to encourage educators to recognize the positive aspects of video gaming technologies and their capacity to engage children in physical activities. By doing so, the project seeks to create a paradigm shift in how these technologies are perceived, thereby fostering a more inclusive environment for all students.

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