An overview of HopaSus Project

We have come a long way in implementing the Hopasus project. We invite you to celebrate the results with us!

HopaSus Erasmus Sport Plus project was born out of the need of teachers and youth workers from 4 European countries to develop their digital skills and become more resilient in times of pandemics by using sport video games in their virtual or face-to-face classrooms. The aim of the project is to encourage sport teachers to recognize the potential of video games and sport applications and experiment with new strategies for incorporating them into their gyms and classrooms, and to promote the inclusion of “video games addicted youth” by changing the paradigm of persistent stereotyping of video games as predominantly mindless, violent forms of entertainment, into seeing the potential of video gaming technologies as instructional tools that takes out the children from the desk chair out into the sport field.
More information about project activities:

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